The Life, Times & Musings of an American Midwest Woman Who Lives in the Middle East

One Plane Ticket From Normal (MOBI)


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You want me to pack up, leave everything I know, and go where?

Sometimes God asks us to leave the familiar and venture out into the vast unknown, but are we willing?

For Pam, the line had been drawn in the sand, quite literally.

Through humorous and hope-filled anecdotes, Pam recounts her journey from a normal, laundry-driven wife and mother living in her understood Missouri hometown to an unknown, sand-infused teacher trainer living along the Nile among an often-feared, mysterious people.


In One Plane Ticket From Normal you’ll discover:

Snapshots of daily life for those who want to know what it’s like to live in another part of the world.

Stories of friends made along the way that reveal Middle Eastern thought and lifestyle.

Helpful tips for integrating into new cultures, interacting with other-culture persons, and creating safe environments for deep-life conversations.

Discussion questions for small group studies.


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