The Life, Times & Musings of an American Midwest Woman Who Lives in the Middle East



Foreword from One Plane Ticket From Normal 


Coming October 2016

I don’t laugh out loud many times, especially when reading a book. But as I dove into One Plane Ticket From Normal, I couldn’t help myself.

Although I don’t have plans to visit the Middle East in the near future, while reading Pam’s book I found myself transported to a world I’ve only seen in pictures.

Besides, entertainment, Pam’s book delivered a shot of serious value in a number of areas:

  • I found her snapshots of daily life for those who want to know what it’s like to live in another part of the world—eye-opening.
  • I found her stories of friends made along the way that reveal Middle Eastern thought and lifestyle—helpful.
  • I found her culture cues, tips for integrating into new cultures, interacting with other-culture persons, and creating safe environments for deep-life conversations—relevant.
  • And I found her discussion questions for small group studies—practical.

Kary Oberbrunner

In today’s digitally connected world, we are now global citizens. We can’t afford to isolate. If we do, we sign up for irrelevance and self-sabotage our message. One Plane Ticket from Normal shows you the way to increase your global IQ in an educationally entertaining way.

Brace yourself for impact—literally. Pam—your tour guide—is an creative and energetic communicator who gives insight for interacting with “other-culture” people in a meaningful, fun, approachable way.

Read her words and you’ll be entertained. Practice her words and you’ll be enlightened.




Kary Oberbrunner
CEO of Redeem the Day and Igniting Souls
Co-creator of Author Academy Elite
Author of Elixir Project, Day Job to Dream Job, The Deeper Path, and Your Secret Name





Kerry Clarensau

One Plane Ticket from Normal is an incredible read! Pam’s humor and gifted story-telling will keep you turning the pages and wishing the book was longer. She shares such great insights for engaging people from other cultures, that you will find yourself longing for experiences of your own. Her love for the people of the Middle East stirs something deep in my heart—a desire to love big and sacrificially.


Kerry Clarensau is a speaker, mentor, author and leader of women. She is the author of the Fully His Devotional, Selah Devotional, A Beautiful Life: Discovering the Freedom of Selfless Love, Redeemed! Embracing a Transformed Life, Love Revealed, The Love Revealed Challenge, and Secrets: Transforming Your Life and Marriage.







Dr. Jodi Detrick

In a world where there are far too many barriers and never enough bridges, Pam Morton’s words span daunting cultural chasms with compassion, understanding, humor, and hope. Through her book, One Plane Ticket from Normal, a thoroughly engaging read, I laughed, cried, and pondered my way to a new perspective of what it’s like to totally uproot from normal life and move to an “other” culture where you are actually the “other.” I appreciated Morton’s candid glimpse into the delights and difficulties of learning a new language, deciphering unfamiliar customs, and connecting with those who we in the West often view with suspicion. Her short bursts of wisdom at the end of each chapter in a section called Culture Cue offer invaluable insights for those who travel internationally (I’m taking notes) or for anyone who wants to befriend “other culture” folks in their own community (yep, I’m taking notes again).

There is much to love about this informative, yet heartwarming book. But what I love most about One Plane Ticket from Normal is the poignant reminder that people are people are people, the world over. And those other culture people, so precious to God, can become precious to us…especially if we’re willing to take a step or two away from “normal.” After reading this book, I’m in.

Dr. Jodi Detrick
Author of Jesus-Hearted Woman
Former Seattle Times Columnist
Certified Leadership Coach




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John and Debbie Lindell

This book is a passport to a totally different perspective on what it means to follow Christ. With warmth and humor, Pam shares her family’s transition from middle America to life in the Middle East. One Plane Ticket From Normal will make you laugh and inspire you to take a faith journey of your own.


John & Debbie Lindell
Lead Pastors, James River Church, Ozark, MO
Author of She Believes



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