The Life, Times & Musings of an American Midwest Woman Who Lives in the Middle East


DSC_0848 (1)-edited (1)Pam Morton, her husband, John, and two teenaged daughters packed up their fulfilling, understood Midwestern life and moved to Cairo, Egypt in 2009. Her dream of serving overseas became a shocking reality of daily cultural encounters that often left her wondering if she’d actually landed on Mars instead! From Cairo to Khartoum to Upper Egypt, Pam continues to learn, live and thrive in a sandy, sweaty, hospitable land.

An author, speaker, teacher trainer and self-proclaimed “professional luncher,” Pam wants to share laughter, life and hope with her dear Arab neighbors while providing insight into Middle Eastern customs and everyday life with her friends in the West.



Pam’s newest book, One Plane Ticket From Normal. Through humorous and hope-filled anecdotes, Pam recounts her journey from a normal, laundry-driven wife and mother living in her understood Missouri hometown to an unknown, sand-infused teacher trainer living along the Nile among an often-feared, mysterious people.

In addition, Pam co-authored the successful, “Creative Friendzy Bible Study Curriculum” used by women’s groups throughout the U.S. and abroad. She has been a regular contributor to other various magazines. Her blog gives a humorous and hope-filled recounting of everyday life in the Middle East.


Pam, a creative and energetic communicator, gives insight for interacting with other-culture people in a meaningful, fun, approachable way. Pam has spoken to hundreds of groups across the U.S. and abroad bringing humor, real-life wisdom and solid Bible teaching in plain, everyday language.

Teacher Trainer

Pam is co-founder of EduCan Development Corporation, a company that works together with educators and communities internationally to provide professional development opportunities.

Our daughter, Emileigh, and SIL, Jacob!

Our daughter, Aria, and SIL, Derrick!