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Cheering Not Competing

Cheering Not Competing

By on Apr 27, 2019 in Blog, Featured | 0 comments

Recently, I had the great privilege of addressing a group of leaders in Southern Missouri. So many of these women have mentored, encouraged, and cheered me on.

One of these ladies, Vicki, read a postcard that a friend and I had written to her as 14-year-olds.


First, what kind of organizational system does Vicki have that would allow her to put her hands on a postcard from 35 years ago?! (Kudos and slight disbelief for that!)

Second, what amazing kindness and leadership did she demonstrate in mentoring two young girls who had LOTS of ideas and LOADS of opinions? (NOT easy, I assure you.)

Third, as I scanned the room looking at these smiling faces, I realized that I am who I am from the time, prayers and intentionality of several of these dear souls who thought it better to encourage, teach, and cheer rather than criticize, detract and compete.

I’m so very thankful. I want to do the same. I simply don’t have the time, energy or mandate to create pseudo competitions for awards that only exist in my head.

So today, know that I am cheering for you. I am praying that God gives you confidence, clarity, wisdom, strength and open doors. You have someone that’s rooting for you. You, my friend, are loved.

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