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13 Must-Know Tips Before You Fly

13 Must-Know Tips Before You Fly

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1. Skip the metal-embossed clothing items (belts, too!). The metal detectors will beep. You will be flagged. You will be patted down. Save yourself some time and pack it rather than wear it that day.

2. Your liquid items must be in 3 oz. bottles. It doesn’t work if it’s a 6 oz. bottle only half full. Security will frown and will make you pitch it. Trust me on this one.

3. Put nail clippers, tweezers and razors (and small tools) in your checked luggage. I’ve had to leave those items at security. Not every time, but why risk it?

4. Make sure your money belt has no metal parts. Otherwise, you’ll have to untuck it from all your clothes and let them scan it.

5. Place small items that need to be pulled out at security in plastic zip bags. 3 to a bag. It makes life easier than having to pull them out one at a time while the guy behind you rolls his eyes.

6. Look over any jewelry, purse items, gifts, etc. for potential weapon use. If so, put them in your checked bag.

7. Carry extra zip-ties in your pocket in case a lock breaks on your suitcase or you need to shore something up enroute.

8. Try to travel lean and mean. In other words, keep your carryon and handbag light. Why? Running across an airport to make a tight connection is difficult. It’s even harder when you have to shlep heavy bags, too.

9. Pack a power strip in your carryon. (If traveling overseas, make sure it’s 220 compatible.) You can use it at airports to charge your electronics and be the hero to those around you when you share. It’s also handy as some locations may have one plug per room.

10. Have a lock already on your carryon. Also make sure you have an ID tag. If you fly on a small plane, they’ll gate check it. You won’t have time to lock it or make an ID tag for it on the jetway.

11. Take a picture of the contents of your bag(s) and the bag itself. (This is a repeat from my previous post Pam’s 17 Must-Have Travel Tips, but it’s important!) You’ll have immediate documentation of the items in case your bag goes missing as well as the ability to identify the color, size and style of your bag for a missing luggage report.

12. Check all your boarding passes. Do you have a seat assignment? How long is your layover? Is it long enough? Do you have boarding passes to you final destination? Is your luggage checked through to your final destination? Is your frequent flier number listed?

13. Update your family/contacts with any updated itinerary information before your plane departs. (New flight number, changed airline, new connections, etc.)

What other tips should I add? In the next few posts, I’ll also be talking about what to do when travel goes terribly wrong. Thanks for visiting and sharing!

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