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The Termite Triology Part II: Pam’s Revenge

The Termite Triology Part II: Pam’s Revenge

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Following the great carpet bombing of Raid on Termite Mission Control, the fumes began to dissipate and I decided to assess the damage.
 Water, soap, mud, bugs, soggy paper all collected into a brown goo that needed to be addressed.
The pile of fabrics, art pieces and photos also needed attention.
Unknowingly, the termites had unleashed DEFCON 3 at our apartment. What do I mean?
I mean that since the fabrics were all pulled out, freshly laundered and neatly stacked…I had to decide their new location. Certainly not back to the scene of the crime.
I began calculating the remaining time we had in Egypt before we transition to the U.S. for our road tour ( T-minus 3 months. Sigh.
Okay, Pam, get it together. You’ve done this before in a much shorter time span.
I talked with John and he agreed that pulling some suitcases out and starting the process wouldn’t be a bad idea. It’s certainly efficient. It’s proactive. It’s also hard.
Hard because well…who in the world actually enjoys packing? Hard also because there are lists to be checked, meetings to be arranged, items to be sorted, plans to be made and goodbyes to be said. Transition would officially begin.
I knew it was all coming and I had begun ever so slowly to mentally prepare myself for it. The termites moved the timeline forward…ding, dang dirty varmints.
So now I’m on what I affectionately call a “Union Break” writing to you. When I clock back in, I’ll return to 2 suitcases and a tote laid out in our front room. I’ll pick up each belonging deciding if its emotional attachment is significant enough to move me to wrap, weigh and stuff said item for transport. I’ll do this probably a thousand times before this whole process is over, but it will get done. It always does.
The Lord’s grace has sustained us through several transitions. Some far more difficult than this one, yet I have joy and for that I am truly grateful.
I guess I should thank these little nefarious creatures for preventing me from procrastinating. If any of their remaining relatives come to pay their respects, I’ll be sure to share my gratitude. (Pay no attention to that can of hairspray and lighter in my hand.)
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