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5 Ways to Welcome Your Other-Culture Neighbors

5 Ways to Welcome Your Other-Culture Neighbors

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  1. Welcome Basket-This tried, but true way to introduce yourself is always a good idea. Regardless of the theme you choose, include your name, phone number, and a list of some of your favorite places (with addresses) to eat, shop, visit.
  2. Tea Invitation-I know that this is usually saved for little girls’ birthday parties, but inviting an other-culture friend over for tea (or any beverage!) will be warmly welcomed. Take note that in some cultures, it is not an official invite unless you have asked them 3 times. For real.
  3. Play Date-Invite the kids over for a play date. This will give the children a chance to get to know one another and you an opportunity to chat with the parents.
  4. Church, BBQ, Party-Many other-culture people are curious about their host culture’s traditions and social practices. Inviting your other-culture neighbors to an event like this will give them insight into beliefs, opportunity for further introductions and new food to try. (PS Please note that some cultures would have dietary/religious restrictions from eating particular foods. Ask ahead of time.)
  5. Shared Plate-Making dinner? Place some of your culinary creation on a plate and take it next door. The tradition of a “shared plate” is common in many cultures. Most likely, your plate will be returned to you with a new delicacy AND another opportunity to interact.

For more ideas about interacting with other-culture people, check out Pam’s newest book, One Plane Ticket From Normal (October 2016).

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