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What to Expect When I Speak

What to Expect When I Speak

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Life in the Middle East and East Africa never proves dull or lifeless…therefore I commit to you that when I talk about it, I won’t be either.


  • For starters, you’ll hear about the journey of faith that led a Midwest family of four to a land and people that are oft-times considered frightening and mysterious.
  • You’ll laugh together as I recount our attempts at learning culture and protocol.
  • You’ll learn what our Middle Eastern friends believe and how that plays out in their lives and yours.
  • You’ll gain insight into our work, our daily life and what it means to live in a hard place.
  • You’ll celebrate as you hear what God is doing in the hearts and lives of us and our friends.
  • You’ll be challenged in your thinking and in your role for bringing hope to those near and far.
  • You’ll increase your global IQ as you gain insight into other-culture people’s paradigms.
  • You’ll learn tips for how to interact with other-culture people in your own sphere.


  • Ideas for Welcoming Your Other-Culture Neighbor
  • Creating an Environment That Welcomes All Cultures
  • Cross-Cultural Communication Tips

I also will:

  • Remain in good communication with you before, during and after the event.
  • Be on time for the event. (Lord willing and the creek don’t rise.)
  • Stay within the allotted time given. If you say 30, I’ll stop at 29. If you say 5, I’ll speak for 4:30. I respect this gift, platform and opportunity. I won’t overstep or “continue to conclude.” Scout’s honor!
  • Answer any questions you may have about our work or goals.
  • Give you opportunity to link arms with us, join the journey and plan a visit!
  • Have great joy in our hearts that we have such amazing, kind, encouraging friends.
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